The owners and creators are both women who wear many crowns. Through life’s changes, they would like to empower women to love and embrace their bodies. Together they chose the tag line, “My Body, My Way” for Body Queen Athletics. 

Theresa has a 3 year old son, is a Nurse Practitioner, an owner of an aesthetic med spa, and a nursing instructor who consistently works to incorporate an active lifestyle. So, she is often getting up and dressed in body queen athletic wear to run her errands, drop her son off at school and add in the gym somewhere in the day. Being able to wear clothes that feel and fit great means the world to a busy career woman and mother. 

Chana is a wife, mother, fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and owner of her own lash studio. She is constantly on the go between teaching several fitness classes in the metro Detroit area, training clients, grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up the kids. She wanted to create something  that was versatile, functional, yet fashionable, and most of all comfortable. 

Developing a brand that encourages women to love their self no matter where they are in their fitness  journey, or in life, is a dream come true for both Theresa and Chana.